Regulatory stability assessment

HECSTAB is a versatile tool for the naval architect involved in design and regulatory evaluation of non-ship shaped assets. Within HECSTAB the user can develop multiple models to analyze trim, intact stability and damaged stability. Throughout the design process HECSTAB allows the user to easily make changes and quickly analyze the results. In addition to traditional fixed-axis free-to-trim calculations, HECSTAB can perform variable heeling axis (free twist) calculations, greatly reducing the number of calculated conditions. Flexible analysis modes—from a fully integrated manual-analysis user interface, to wizard-style analysis templates, to a state-of-the-art Python scripting interface—make HECSTAB a highly flexible and ideal tool for every user.


Simple, powerful, flexible - ideal for every user

  • Offshore Modeling

  • Intact Stability Analysis

  • Damaged Stability Analysis

  • Fixed Axis (Free to Trim) Evaluation

  • Variable Axis (Free Twist) Evaluation

  • Multiple Analysis Modes

  • Python Scripting Engine

Compatible with LMP™ and HECSALV™ Offshore

(Sold separately)