Herbert-ABS Opens Korea Office

(Alameda, CA) - Herbert-ABS Software Solutions LLC, a leader in marine regulatory, load management, salvage and ship design software, continues to grow in Asia and has opened an office in Busan to reinforce support for Korean-based shipyards, as well as improve the quality of service to this key market. Herbert-ABS also has an office in Shanghai and earlier this year expanded into Singapore.

Herbert-ABS Releases HECSALV™ Version 8

(Alameda, CA) – Herbert-ABS Software Solutions LLC, a leading name in naval management software and ship design, today announced the launch of its HECSALV™ Version 8, Salvage and Emergency Response Software. HECSALV™ allows for rapid evaluation of damaged conditions for all ship types including an analysis of intact conditions, free-floating damage cases, oil outflow prediction and various types of groundings.