Herbert-ABS Opens Houston Office

Herbert-ABS Software Solutions LLC, a leader in marine regulatory, load management, salvage and ship design software continue its growth, recently opening an office in the Houston Energy Corridor. The Houston location will provide additional support for Gulf of Mexico-based operators and shipyards, as well as strengthening its relationship with this key market. The office is operated jointly with Herbert Engineering Corp. Houston-based efforts for Herbert-ABS are led by Chris Licato, Herbert-ABS Software Solutions Project Manager for the Gulf of Mexico (GOM).

“As many of our clients are based in Houston and the Gulf of Mexico region, this new branch office further improves local installation, commissioning, and training services,” said Hendrik Bruhns, President of Herbert-ABS Software Solutions LLC.  “The Energy Corridor office will work closely with our GOM-based clients, enhance our local service with the growing delivery of onboard CargoMax™ and LMP loading computer software, and enrich HECSALV™ and HECSDS software support and training. Further, Herbert-ABS staff will provide additional project management services locally to regional customers."