Herbert-ABS Releases LMP 2.1 for Offshore Vessels

Advanced version of load management software features robust monitoring, calculation enhancements and emergency response capabilities

(Alameda, CA) – Herbert-ABS Software Solutions LLC, a leading name in naval management software and ship design, has released the latest version of their Load Management Program (LMP) for offshore vessels. 

For day-to-day weight management, stability evaluation and regulatory compliance, LMP 2.1 provides an accurate, simple, yet feature-rich set of displays and entry tools for the offshore user. LMP 2.1 is customized for an individual vessel including semi-subs, SPARs, TLPs and jack-ups and can account for all loads acting on a vessel. 

LMP has been on the market for more than 10 years on a number of different drilling and production vessels and already boasts a strong suite of features including automatic communications with tank level systems, detailed deck survey tools, lightship modifications tracking and customizable reports. LMP 2.1, however includes calculation improvements focusing on robust multiple axis stability, calculation of wind, current & wave forces, 6-degree of freedom calculations and advanced tendon, riser, SCR and mooring calculations. The program interface enhancements include unparalleled 3-D graphics, enhanced integrity monitoring features, alarms summary, fully customizable displays, units & conventions and improved communications with other on board systems. 

Based on the industry leading design and salvage software HECSALV™, LMP 2.1 also offers a wide range of emergency response capabilities including integrated damage stability calculations, simulation modes and is 100 percent compatible with HECSALV™. From simulating possible damage scenarios, to performing a rapid assessment in case of an actual emergency, to providing detailed weight information to a salvor using HECSALV™, LMP helps support the safety, stability and survivability of an offshore vessel.