Herbert-ABS Releases HECSALV™ Version 8

New version features advanced interface, graphics and modeling capabilities

(Alameda, CA) – Herbert-ABS Software Solutions LLC, a leading name in naval management software and ship design, today announced the launch of its HECSALV™ Version 8, Salvage and Emergency Response Software. HECSALV™ allows for rapid evaluation of damaged conditions for all ship types including an analysis of intact conditions, free-floating damage cases, oil outflow prediction and various types of groundings. 

The upgraded version features enhanced core calculations, a refined, more user-friendly interface, new 3D rendered graphics based on Hoops 3D, a variety of new modeling capabilities and is 100 percent compatible with CargoMax™ 2.x and LMP 2.x. 

“During a vessel emergency your most valuable assets are time and confidence”, said Hendrik Bruhns, President, Herbert-ABS Software Solutions LLC. “HECSALV™ is proven to provide timely and accurate results when key performance is most needed, especially in high-profile scenarios. Our industry leading, casualty-response software is trusted by naval architects, salvage engineers, ship owners, classification societies and military organizations around the world.” 

HECSALV™ allows the user to quickly collect and process the available data, define the extreme bounds of the problem and evaluate multiple scenarios for remedial action. As more information is available, the user can quickly and automatically update the entire analysis from beginning assumptions to latter stage pump allocations. 

Additionally, HECSALV™ Offshore, a newly added component, includes all of the features embedded in the standard HECSALV 8. It also addresses advanced loading capabilities for tendons, chains and risers, MODU Code stability evaluation, environmental loading (wind, current, wave) and multiple-axis stability. 

“Allowing a user to quickly collect and process available data while evaluating multiple scenarios is key during any vessel emergency, added Bruhns. HECSALV™ gives users the advantage of producing a refined and carefully considered salvage plan.”