Advanced Software Simplifies Salvage

Advanced Software Simplifies Salvage

A casualty can quickly become very complicated, and the steps needed to save the vessel are not always clear. The intact loading condition provided is unreliable. The tide is changing. The grounding location is unknown. The extent of damage and flooding is only partially known. Oil is leaking. The cargo is shifting. The vessel is moving, twisting and bending. Wind and waves are compounding the problem. Success in emergency response and salvage depends on quickly and correctly simulating the vessel’s condition, developing a plan to save the vessel, and effectively communicating the plan to others.

IMO Adopts new Requirements for Stability Instruments for Tankers

The Committee adopted amendments to MARPOL Annex I and the IBC and BCH Codes which will require new and existing oil and chemical tankers to be fitted with an approved stability instrument capable of verifying compliance with the applicable intact and damage stability requirements. Similar revisions for gas tankers have been proposed for the IGC Code and are scheduled for adoption by MSC 93 in May 2014.

Herbert-ABS Opens Korea Office

(Alameda, CA) - Herbert-ABS Software Solutions LLC, a leader in marine regulatory, load management, salvage and ship design software, continues to grow in Asia and has opened an office in Busan to reinforce support for Korean-based shipyards, as well as improve the quality of service to this key market. Herbert-ABS also has an office in Shanghai and earlier this year expanded into Singapore.